K Bowling Club: Introducing the new Korean Bowling Craze @ Somerset 313

Lights, music, and bowl! Bowling just got an upgrade with K Bowling Club descending into the heart of Singapore, at Somerset 313! Lying in a corner of Somerset shopping mall, enter a world of neon lightings, boombayah music, and cosmic bowling!

Lifeguide.sg: K Bowling Club: Introducing the new Korean Bowling Craze @ Somerset 313

If you don’t know what cosmic bowling is, well you totally should and you can read all about it here: 5 Reasons you should try Cosmic Bowling

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Now, you have gotta list K Bowling Club down onto your to-do list! Stepping into K-bowling Club is just like stepping into a mini-movie club. With massive screens lined up right above the bowling alley, you can dance and sing your heart out as you hit those pins down! What’s better to do than looking at those eye candies and swaying to those beats under bright neon lights.

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K Bowling Club is not a club (unfortunately), but the idea came from wanting to provide customers with a whole new type of bowling experience, under colorful flashing lights and sick pumping music. This intriguing bowling concept is very popular in Korea and K Bowling Club decided to bring it over to Singapore!


They have so much to offer other than its name, bowling. K Bowling club is a place where you can find the best of all worlds, with dart machines, an arcade area, a pool table, and karaoke boxes! The prices of the dart machines start from a dollar, and challenges at the pool table start from $2 a game.

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The prices for their bowling alley varies, but all hail for student prices because you students get a 20% discount! Man, it is good being young.

Student Discount At K Bowling
From Monday to Thursday
10AM – 4PM, $8/game
4PM – 3AM, $12/game

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You might be thinking how large must K Bowling Club be to fit all these! Well, hold on to your smartphones because they even have a bar located on their premises! They have plenty of choices for you to choose from. Hit me up with a cocktail or mojito before 7pm because the prices will vary!

If you’re craving for some tummy filling time, K Bowling Club offers a variety of food that you can enjoy. Be sure to check out their in-house specialty, Chicken bites ($18) and Onion French Fries ($12)! If you’re up for more, they even have shareable dishes like the Pepperoni Pizza and ratatouille that look oh so good!

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K Bowling Club is the place for your next kaki gathering and trust me when I say you’ll definitely have a boombastic time! You could easily spend a whole afternoon or night here and with all the attractions, you’ll hardly get bored! If you’re looking for a new dating place in Singapore, why not try K Bowling Club too? As they say, a couple who plays together stays together right?

K Bowling Club
313 Orchard Road
313@Somerset #03-27
Singapore 238895

Google Maps Link:

Opening Hours:
Sun-Fri: 10AM – 3AM 

Sat & Eve of P.H: 10AM – 4AM

Peak Hours:
12:00pm – 2:00pm (lunch crowd)
5:30pm – 6:30pm (dinner crowd)

+65 6737 5313
+65 9127 0313




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