Business Revival Video Production Promotion

Over the years, our team at have featured multiple local businesses and connecting new audiences to the business.

Businesses are the backbone of our economy, fuelling the economy and creating jobs. While some businesses are forced to shutter their doors, many other business stood steadfast.

As we tread the road to recovery, you can boost traffic and increase interest in your business with a social media video. We have partnered with Vivid Snaps, a professional video production company to provide a special video creation package to local businesses.

Video Production Package

What Can You Expect?

We aim to make professional video production accessible to all businesses, and we do this by providing a cost-effective package.

The final video will consist of an interview filming with a key person of your business. You should assign a person who can articulate well about your business unique selling points or your business processes.

Our video producers will also film snippets of your business operations. These snippets will be professionally edited with your interview to create a video highlight of about 60 secs. Suitable for use with social media, or displaying on a LCD screen at your business location.

You can expect professional camera, lighting and audio equipment to be used at your video shoot.

Contact us to get started

Send us a message using the below form, and tell us some brief information about your business. Our project coordinators will reply to you within 2 working days.

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