Change Your HDB Gate & Door Lock to a Same Key

With many new homes opting for digital door lock, this may not have been a very popular option. Nonetheless, a physical key still holds some advantages over digital locks. For instance, a digital lock could be susceptible to failure due to a bad electronic. Some digital locks have multiple unlock options, which can also mean more possibilities for exploits. Not to mention that a set of good electronic door lock costs much more than a traditional lockset.

Up until now, carrying a physical key would likely mean carrying 3 separate keys. One for your gate, another for your wooden door and a third key for your letterbox.

Quick Google search did not yield any results for services to convert your keys. Asking around with local locksmiths, you may be quoted anywhere between $90 to $200 for a pair of lock cylinder. The price vary depending on your the brand of the chosen lock. I like to go for a reputable brand because that usually means the lock mechanism is smoother.

Keyed Alike Lock Cylinders

The technical term for sharing a single ‘master key’ across multiple locks is call Keyed Alike. And you don’t have to change your entire lock system usually. You simply replace a small part of your lock system, known as the lock cylinder.

Euro Lock Cylinder & Where To Buy

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Specifically, the type of lock cylinder found in new HDB flats are known as Euro Lock Cylinder. You will also find them on sale at your neighbourhood hardware stores, locksmiths and if you need one urgently in the middle of the night, try Mustafa Centre.

A generic brand at your neighbourhood hardware store can cost as low as $6.50. These typically come with at least 2 keys, but you can also find models that provides you with 5 keys. Some of these low cost models work surprisingly well with a will smooth insert & rotate motion.

You can buy Yale-brand ones from locksmiths, industrial hardware stores and Mustafa Centre (level 4, tools section). They should go for below $30 for the basic ones. Yale has multiple models.

On the higher end, you will find models with security keys in DIY shops within shopping malls, these can cost around $60.

Duro Keyed-Alike Lock Sets for New HDB

After scouring through multiple UK sites that provides Keyed Alike products and services, I finally discovered Duro. This is the only website I have found that makes it easy for you to order a set and change it for yourself in Singapore. This will be the most cost effective method, unless you prefer to do the modification yourself using a professional re-key kit.

To view their packaged selection of Keyed Alike lock set systems, visit their online store.

Same Key For New HDB Gate & Wooden Door Lock

To change the lock set to a same key system for new HDB flats, you should look at this package on Duro’s website.
Product number: DMS V/2B Duro Master System 
This package is currently going for $128 inclusive of free delivery within Singapore.

Image Taken From Duro’s Online Store

Same Key For New HDB Gate, Wooden Door & Letter Box Lock

If you want to go for ultimate declutter of your key bunch, you may want to use the same key for your letter box lock too. In this case, Duro’s online store also has a package for you.
This package is currently going for $158 inclusive of free delivery within Singapore.

Image Taken From Duro’s Online Store

Guide For Changing New HDB Lock Cylinder

You won’t believe how easy it is to change the lock cylinder, it is literally a one-screw operation. Even when you’ve never done this, it’s likely you won’t take more than 30 mins to swap out your older cylinder.

Take 2 minutes to watch this video tutorial on YouTube:

Video Tutorial for Changing of Euro Cylinder Lock

On Duro’s website, you will also find illustrated tutorials that you can print out.

Image Taken From Duro’s Website

Use WD-40 For Smoothness

Your door lock mechanism are made up of multiple mechanical moving parts. Since you have already dismantled your door lock assembly, take this chance to spray a liberal amount of WD-40 general lubricant onto any moving parts you can access. Spray some onto the moving parts of your new lock cylinder as well. This will keep your door lock working smoothly for many years to come.

Should you encounter any stiffness in your other door locks, spraying some WD-40 lubricant into the keyhole can help too!

Same Key For Older HDB Door, Gate & Letter Box

Some older HDB flats may not be using the Euro Lock Cylinder, but Duro seem to have solutions catering to that as well.
They have a few packages to choose from on their online store. But specifically, you can look at this package:
Product number: DMS I/3A Duro Master System

Image Taken From Duro’s Online Store

Additional Set of Key

Your package will come with a set of 4 keys. If that is not sufficient, Duro’s website advises you to order alongside when you are buying the lock. As they will not entertain key duplication service. While I have not tried, I am sure you can find a neighbourhood locksmith who can help you with duplication.

Self-collect or Deliver to an Alternate Address

I would not be comfortable having a lock seller to deliver a lock set to the address I’m installing the lock. Even if they have completely no intention to do harm, there’s always a chance that an internal database is compromised. Causing your personal information to be leaked.

Hence, you should consider self-collecting the product or having it delivered to an alternative address, like a friend’s home or your office.


We hope we have helped you saved time hunting for the right solution. Let us know what’s more you want to learn about locks for your home, and we will research and improve upon this article.

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