Best Referral Codes in Singapore

Best Referral Codes in Singapore

Congratulations! You have just found the most important page of the Singapore Inter-webs. Here we share some of the most valuable referral codes so you always get a little extra for whatever services you are signing up. And we may also get some perks as your referrer. (OYEEES)

Many of the codes works regardless of the country you are in, but a few may be specific to Singapore. There may be some codes that work only once and we will update them often. Drop us a note if you need help. Happy referral coding!

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Change Your HDB Gate & Door Lock to a Same Key

With many new homes opting for digital door lock, this may not have been a very popular option. Nonetheless, a physical key still holds some advantages over digital locks. For instance, a digital lock could be susceptible to failure due to a bad electronic. Some digital locks have multiple unlock options, which can also mean more possibilities for exploits. Not to mention that a set of good electronic door lock costs much more than a traditional lockset.

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Business Revival Video Production Promotion

Over the years, our team at have featured multiple local businesses and connecting new audiences to the business.

Businesses are the backbone of our economy, fuelling the economy and creating jobs. While some businesses are forced to shutter their doors, many other business stood steadfast.

As we tread the road to recovery, you can boost traffic and increase interest in your business with a social media video. We have partnered with Vivid Snaps, a professional video production company to provide a special video creation package to local businesses.

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How to Annoy Chinese Scam Callers (For Singapore)

How to Annoy Chinese Scam Callers (For Singapore)

Have you been receiving callers impersonating Singapore Police Force, and demanding you for some personal information? Worse still, they call you multiple times a day sometimes even spoofing a local phone number. If you have some spare time on hands, here is how you can annoy them.

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List of Car Park Height in Singapore

List of Car Park Height in Singapore

Do you drive a van, truck or maybe a large vehicle like Toyota Alphard? You may have experienced uncertainty when visiting specific locations. We have compiled a list of car park height for easy reference. We are continuously adding on to this list, and you may contribute to the list by dropping us a message. 🙂

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