How to Annoy Chinese Scam Callers (For Singapore)

Have you been receiving callers impersonating Singapore Police Force, and demanding you for some personal information? Worse still, they call you multiple times a day sometimes even spoofing a local phone number. If you have some spare time on hands, here is how you can annoy them.

Why Should You Annoy Them?

When you take up their time, you are depriving them of an opportunity to scam an otherwise unknowing victim. You are doing a great deed!

They Are Smart Too

The scammers are smart too, they are out to get your money, not win the conversation. If they sense that you are fooling with them, they will hang up immediately. That’s no fun! So you need to understand their point of view. If you want to go far, bear in mind the most important point: Be Stupid.

The scams are dumb and they are intentionally so, only the most gullible victims will be convinced enough to fall prey to them. So you must not be tempted to demonstrate your technical knowledge regarding credit card, immigration or whatever that is in question. Just go with the flow.

Getting Prepared

  • Use a fake and average-sounding Chinese full name for yourself, also good to know how to write it.
  • Get a bogus (but algorithmically correct) IC number:
  • Keep a fake birth date in mind (in line with IC number)

General Flow of Conversation

The have different tiers of service crews. The first person you will encounter is to filter out the obvious false suspect. If you have moved beyond the first tier, congratulations! Right now, you need to convince the person that you are really really gullible.

That being said, you will generally end up failing to fool them at some point. And the other party is not too surprised. He has came across many jokers like you and me, wasting his time.

Afterwards, remember to block the number or report it as spam! You can also report the call to the Monetary Authority of Singapore (

All the best in your endeavours and post your comments of the results!


Image: Ming Jun

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