Disney: Magic of Animation Exhibition

Disney: Magic of Animation Exhibition visits South East Asia for the first time, in Singapore! Check out the article to find out more about the exhibition and what to expect:

Disney movies and shows have always been a classic childhood for everyone regardless of age or gender. Since young, we’ve all been watching Disney classics such as Mulan, Mickey Mouse, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella e.t.c 

In recent years, Disney has also produced popular blockbuster movies such as Frozen, Moana, Zootopia.  

This year, Disney had officially brought the Disney: Magic of Animation Exhibition to South East Asia for the first time in Singapore! The exhibition features more than 500 pieces of artwork from Disney, which consists of sketches, original drawings that can be almost 90 years old. The exhibition is held from 26 October 2019 to 29 March 2020 and is open to everyone!

Our team would like to thank Marina Bay Sands for inviting us to the media preview session which we had lots of fun there! The incredible Disney team had shared that some Disney films require 300 – 400 people, from drawing to animating, and it usually takes 3-6 years to produce a Disney film. They had also shared that one of the challenges of making this exhibition would be the decision-making process. Whilst everyone had their favorite scene from Disney, they had to compromise each other and come out with a concise decision on choosing the artwork to display. 

What can you expect:

Upon entering the exhibition, you will first see the timeless classic Disney character, Mickey Mouse. The exhibit displays sketches from the mickey mouse film and snippets from the Mickey Mouse film. They also feature other characters from other Disney movies Frozen, Dumbo, Beauty and the Beast. The exciting part about the exhibition would be the sketches that are hanged from the ceiling! So you have to look up to see the artworks like this:

Afterwhich, you will be led to the first and official Exhibition that features Mickey Mouse! The exhibition even displayed Steamboat Willie, the timeless classic scene from Mickey Mouse film. You can even step on it and snap some pictures to post in on your Instagram later!

The second exhibition you get to see would be the Magic Mirror from Snow White which is so cool especially when you get to experience it live because it felt as though it is really talking to you! As you follow the path, you will see a few mirrors with lots of cute magnets on it. It is a mirror selfie booth where you can take a selfie picture or boomerang with your friends with the magnet props. We definitely had lots of fun in this area especially taking umpteen amount of selfie boomerang!

The exhibition follows by some drawings of artwork displays from other Disney films. Some artwork displays are like optical illusions such as the zoetrope for Mickey Mouse. 

One interesting activity of the exhibition is the leaf coloring corner. There will be different designs of leaves on the table for you to choose to design and color with the art tools on the table. All you have to do is to pick up a pencil and start coloring or drawing as you like and then stick them on the wall! You can even stand out by writing a sweet message for Disney or even draw within the leaf. I am sure it is a good chance for your inner Picasso to shine!

Another interesting activity that can be found would be the follies section where they will play a small clip of Mulan and you can use the tools given to create the sound accordingly! It was an incredible experience to be able to try this hands-on especially when we often only see it through Facebook or YouTube videos where they only show you how folies is done. Although most of the times the sound we made did not match the footage, I am sure Tiffany and I had a really fun time trying it out!

There are also several places that are super Insta-worthy such as the Mulan background, Beauty and the Beast, and even the Mermaid background! Take some of these Insta-worthy shots while you’re there with some of your favorite childhood characters! Do remember to hashtag #MagicOfAnimationASM

The exhibition is definitely a must-go especially for those who are Disney lovers! In this exhibition, you’ll get to see a lot of unseen Disney photos, drawings from the very first draft. Tiffany and I were extremely fantasized by the drawings and animations created at the exhibition especially Mickey Mouse, Mulan, The Lion King which shaped our childhood! It felt as though we were brought back to our childhood, revisiting these characters again and understand how they were created and also interacting with some of the characters at the exhibition activities station. 

Do note that there are only certain timings for the exhibition:

10 0011 3013 0014 3016 00 17 30

The price of the tickets:

Adult $30 
(Senior 65 years old & above, Foreign Student, Person with Disability, Child 2-12 years old)
Family Package of 4
(2 Adults + 2 Child 2-12 years old)
Local Adult$25
Local Concession
(Senior 65 years old & above, Person with Disability, Child 2-12 years old)
Local Family Package of 4
(2 Adults + 2 Child 2-12 years old)
Local Student$10

You can purchase the tickets here.


Writer: @javierkuayruiheng

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