Movie and TV Streaming Platforms to Use (Including Free Alternatives)

Free Streaming Platforms

There’s a handful of streaming services that may tempt you to join and pay for their subscriptions. With all the different payment plans and services, things can get a little confusing when you’re choosing a streaming site to use. Or if you’re looking for a cheaper (free) alternative for you entertainment needs, here’s a list of streaming platforms in Singapore!

As we stay home during the circuit breaker, things can get a little boring. If you aren’t looking for something hands-on to do, one way to keep yourself entertained is by watching videos. Right now is the perfect time for you to start watching or even catch up on TV shows and movies.

With these streaming services, you’ll probably want to know what you’re paying for and finding the free alternatives first. A subscription can cost about $7-20 per month which may be a lot for some. Before paying for a monthly subscription, why not make full use of free trial periods and free plans.


Netflix is one of the most popular movie streaming platforms. It even has its own slang term, “Netflix and Chill”. Netflix has several iconic titles, including their originals, like Money Heist, Bird Box, To All The Boys I Loved Before and Stranger Things. Netflix also features animes and Korean dramas. Recent hits include shows like Itaewon Class, Hi Bye Mama, Crash Landing on You and films from Studio Ghilbi.

While the cheapest plan coasts $11.98, you are able to binge-watch for a whole month. When you’re paying that amount, you can be sure Netflix isn’t going to show you advertisements. Selected content is also available for download.

Free trial

  • 30 days
  • All content on Netflix

Subscription Fees

Plan typeBasicStandardPremium
Monthly Price$11.98$15.98$19.98
Video QualityStandard DefinitionHigh DefinitionUltra High Definition
Screen play1 Device at a time2 Devices at a time4 Devices at a time
Note: Not all content is available in High / Ultra High Definition

While there is no free version of Netflix, there are those who have managed to find a way to subscribe for cheaper. You can create several profiles within an account to share your subscription plan.

For example, if you share the Netflix Standard plan with a friend, each of you will only have to pay ~$8 a month.

If you’re able to coordinate, you can even share the account with 3 profiles as long as there are only 2 devices using the account at a time.

Each profile will be able to have their own lists of favourites. So instead of paying $15.98 a month, you’ll only pay half that amount and be able to watch HD content on your mobile device. Just make sure to pay your friend on time as there is only one person making the payment directly to Netflix.


Looking for more something more local? HOOQ’s got you covered. HOOQ features local series like The Little Nonya and Incredible Tales. HOOQ also has originals with their latest being their series, She’s A Terrorist And I Love Her. HOOQ also shows content from several Southeast Asian countries like the Philippines and Indonesia. Furthermore, if you enjoy sneak peaks and behind the special features, you’ll be able to find them for some of your favourite movies and shows.

HOOQ only has 2 different subscription plans offered. Apart from streaming the content, you can download up to 10 movies or season episodes on up to 2 devices.

Free trial

  • 30 days
  • All content EXCEPT movies for rent
  • 1 Golden Ticket (used to rent 1 movie)

Subscription Fees

Monthly Price$7.98
Annual Price$34.98 (~$2.92 / month)
Movie Rental$5.98 / movie
Screen Play5 Devices

What’s lovely about HOOQ is that there IS free content for you to watch. For all their shows, the pilot episode of the series is free to watch (and yes, they’ll be free from advertisements). There are also full seasons that you’ll be able to watch for shows which include Lion Mums, Code of Law and Going Wild. There is also a free QuickTV segment where you can access free channels.

Only interested in their rented movies? Upon signing up with HOOQ, you’ll be entitled to a 30-day trial. After which, you’ll be able to rent movies with your account even without paying a recurring monthly fee.

HOOQ’s movies are available for rent for $5.98. Their rental selection includes titles of several Disney favourites like Frozen 2, Toy Story (and its sequels) and Wall-E. You’ll have 30 days to watch your rented film and 2 days to finish watching it.


Are you an avid K-POP lover? Then you’ve probably heard of Viu. Viu’s K-drama selection is inclusive of (but not limited to) Goblin, I am not a Robot and Descendants of the Sun. Korean Varieties include the oh-so-famous Running Man, The Law of Jungle, I Live Alone and Inkigayo: The Music Trend. If you’re looking to watch the Oscar winning film Parasite, Viu’s got your back. Apart from Korean content, Viu also features several other asian content such as Thai Dramas and even Webtoons.

Free trial for Premium

  • 7 days
  • All content on Viu

Subscription Fees

Plan typeFreePremium
Monthly Price$7.98
Video QualityStandard DefinitionUltra High Definition
Screen Play1 Device at a time4 Devices at a time
Download Quota1Unlimited
Priority ViewingAs fast as 72 hours after Vie PremiumAs fast as 8 hours after original broadcast
All-Access to ContentDramas, VarietyDramas, Variety, Movies, Kids
DevicesPhone, Tablet, PCPhone, Tablet, PC, TV App. TV Casting
Video QualityStandard Definition (480p)Full HD
Subscription TypeSingtel (No contract, can be cancelled)Singtel (12 month contract, no cancellation)
Monthly Price$6.90$4.90
Free Trial Period2 months3 months

With the free version of Viu, you’ll still be able to watch load of Dramas and Varieties! That’s if you don’t mind the advertisements in between the show. Although you won’t be able to watch it on a screen as big as your television, watching Viu on your mobile device / PC will do just fine.

If you’re signed with the telco Singtel, you’ll be in for a special treat as the monthly rates are cheaper! Depending on whether you’d like to sign up for the Viu contract, you can save up to $3 a month!

Be it if you prefer watching local, Asian or Hollywood shows there’s bound to be a free platform for you, that’s if you don’t mind the advertisements. While you can, make the most of out the free trials available. Just be sure not to sign up for all the trials at once.

Let us know your go-to streaming platforms and we’ll add them to the list!


Writer: @furdoors

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