Best Affordable Accessories to Buy for your Macbook

Cheap Accessories Macbook Laptop

After you purchase a new laptop, you’ll want to protect it with your life seeing that you’ve spent hard earned money on it. When you spend over a thousand dollars on a macbook, it seems justifiable to spend more money to protect it but if you’re looking for money efficient and affordable products to purchase for your laptop, here are some options you can find online in Singapore!

Online shopping is therapeutic for some. In my free time during the circuit breaker, I found myself browsing listings on Shopee to find products to purchase. Recently, I fell down the hole of laptop accessories. Since purchasing my macbook for school 2 years ago, I only invested in a laptop case and laptop bag. That is, until I discovered the various devices available to improve the comfort of use for my laptop.

At home, I use my laptop to do my work and I also bring it to school for classes and lectures. At the time, I was fine with my two products as I didn’t have a “fixed” workspace. However, as i continued to work from home during the circuit breaker, I thought of making small purchases to set up my “home office’.

Why you should invest in these accessories

While you may have survived long enough without some of these accessories, purchasing them improve your comfort as you use your laptop. Be it to protect your laptop from scratches or alleviating wrist or neck pains, these accessories may just benefit you in the long run.

Before adding to cart

Check the bottom of your laptop for its model code! While you may think that you know exactly which laptop you own, it wouldn’t hurt to confirm it. It’s also best to double confirm the product that will be mailed out to you by the seller, especially for cases and screen protectors.

Learn from my mistake. The first time I purchased a case for my 13 inch Macbook pro off a listing on Carousell, what I received instead was, I’m assuming, a case for a 13 inch Macbook Air which didn’t fit. While I was initially devastated, I made sure to check the model of the casing I was going to buy. But you also end up wasting the 10+ dollars spent and have no use for it.

Laptop Bag (~$20)

Laptop bag 13 inch
Image from Cotton On.

Laptop sleeves , pouches or bags, whatever you’d like to call them, they all make it easier for you to carry your laptop from place to place.

It’s best to purchase a bag with inner cushioning to protect it from any impact it may face.

Laptop Cases / Covers (~$20)

Laptop Macbook Case Hard Cover
Image from Shopee.

To protect the outside of your laptop, you’ll need a case. Just like your phone, a case can be considered essential.

Keyboard covers are usually included as a free gift if you purchase from platforms such as Shopee or Lazada. Alternatively, you can also choose to purchase a “package” whereby the seller sells several accessories to you as a set. These sets usually include a case, a keyboard cover and sometimes a screen protector all for under $20. There are also several colours and patterns of cases for you to choose from!

Screen / Trackpad Protector (~$1.20 / ~$8)

To protect your screen from scratches, like your phone, why not get a screen protector.

Macboook Screen Protector Film
Image from Shopee.
Trackpad Plastic Film Protector
Image from Shopee.

Adapters ($20-$40)

There are several types of adapters for you to choose from depending on your needs and uses for your laptop. If you own a brand new macbook pro, chances are that you are left with no choice but to purchase an adapter for the usb-c ports on the device. 

With that, you do have a few options to help your laptop read your SD card, hard drive or connect it with a HDMI cable. 

Harmonica adapters

These adapters attach to the side of the laptop and allow you to plug in your USB 3.0 cables and SD cards. The are compact and look pleasing without a cable dangling at one end. Due to the nature of this adapter, keep in mind that it might not be able to work if you have a casing on the bottom of your laptop.

Macbook USB C Harmonica Adapter
Image from Shopee

Wired adapters

Usually with a cable no longer than 10cm, these adapters can vary in size and the number of ports available. These types of adapters come with various input channels with most being an all-in-one. It can allow you to use the same contraption to plug in regular usb 3.0 devices, SD cards, mini SD cards, a HDMI cable, VGA cable etc…

USB C Multi Function Hub
Image from Shopee

There is also a round version of this USB hub which may be more convenient for you.

USB C Round Hub Adapter
Image from Shopee

Charging Cable (~$8)

If you’re an Iphone user, this cable might just be a life saver. This 2-in-1 cable has an end with both USB C and a lightning adapter. You’ll be able to use the same charging cable to charge both your phone and your macbook. Alternatively, this cable can also help you connect your phone and laptop.

2 in 1 Charger Iphone Macbook
Image from Shopee.

Wireless Mouse (~$15)

Not used to the trackpad? You may find it useful to invest in a wireless mouse. Selecting objects on the screen with a mouse is also much more precise than with the trackpad.

Compact Sleek Wireless Mouse
Image from Lazada.

Wrist Pad (~$5)

When you’re typing on your keyboard, your wrist can be in an awkward position. As such, a wrist pad (as shown below) may help rid you of that pain as your wrists are brought to the same level as the base of the keyboard on your laptop.

Wrist Pad For Keyboard Laptop
Image from Shopee.

There is also a mouse pad which has a wrist pad built-in. If you’re using a mouse, this should also be a consideration to add to your cart.

Wrist Mouse Pad
Image from Lazada.

Laptop Stand (~$17)

If you’re looking for an alternative to Apple’s close to $100 laptop stand then you’ve come to the right place.

Apple Macbook Adjustable Laptop Stand
Image from Apple .

I’ve managed to find an adjustable laptop stand that also has a cooler function.

Having your laptop raised is great as it reduces the likelihood of you crouching or bending your neck to view your screen. The laptop stand helps to keep the laptop in line with your eyes.

The cooler function is also useful as it helps to, as the name suggests, keep your laptop cool and prevents it from overheating.

Laptop Adjustable Stand Cooler
Image from Shopee.

With these products, we hope using your laptop has been made much more comfortable while also not burning a hole in your pocket.

If you have a product to recommend, let us know in the comments below!


Writer: @furdoors

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