Halal Certified Modern Bibimbap — Dosirak

Halal Korean Food Dorirak Bibimbap

Looking for halal food in Singapore, or better yet Halal Korean Food? Check out lifeguide’s review on DoSiRak, a bowl of delicious Halal Certified Bibimbap! Psst, they have delivery too!

What is DoSiRak?

DoSiRak (pronounced as doh-see-rak) is a modern Korean eatery with a bibimbap focus. Inspired by its namesake, Dosirak’s shake bibimbaps are shaken instead of stirred. Meaning “lunchbox” in Korean, metal dosirak are traditionally shaken to better mix up its component ingredients for a delicious bibimbap.

halal korean cuisine bibimbap downtown gallery

DoSiRak serves fresh, modern bibimbaps that recall classic Korean flavours. With a focus on cleaner recipes and house-made condiments, these Korean bowls are both delicious and good for you. Every bibimbap is perfectly portioned for balanced nutrition and comes in lean at under 500 kcal.

How did it start?

chicken bibimbap halal onsen egg vegetables healthy vegan

Dosirak was started in 2014 by two brothers, Eugene and Edward, they were half Korean and half Singaporean thus they grew up eating both authentic Korean and Singaporean food.

Who can enjoy it?

halal bibimbap korean vegan vegetarian healthy

Image source from http://www.dosirak.com.sg

Everyone! The brothers wanted everyone to be able to enjoy what they have been enjoying since young thus they decided to start a halal certified bibimbap store which also have choices that are for pescetarian, vegetarians, vegans and those who take low-carbs even. Dosirak is also a healthy option to the market as every bowl are under 500 calories and all ingredients are curated by a nutritionist. And you get to enjoy all of these factors within a budget of $8.90 – $15.90.

Where is it?

halal korean bibimbap healthy downtown gallery

#01-44 Downtown Gallery
6A Shenton Way
Singapore 068815

Opening hours
Monday–Friday: 11:00 pm–8:00pm
Saturday: 11:00pm–3:00pm

Peak hours
12:00pm–2:00pm & 5:30pm–6:30pm

Telephone: 6536 6034
E-mail: info@dosirak.com.sg


Social Media
Instagram: @dosiraksg
Facebook: www.facebook.com/DosirakSG

Are there any delivery or catering services?

korean bibimbap halal healthy

Yes, they are available under foodpanda, honestbee, DishDash, Catersmith, and DosirakDelivery.

Other than Bibimbaps do they serve anything else?

halal korean bibimbap tteokbokki classic fishcake authentic

Yes! Recently, they just started on their new snack – tteokbokki also known as Korean rice cakes but sadly, it isn’t on their menu yet. It is true that it is not as hard to find halal tteokbokki compared to bibimbap but the unique point about the tteokbokki they serve is you get to enjoy the full experience of a tteokbokki – choice of Classic Fishcake Tteokbokki or Signature Beef Tteokbokki at only $6 each!


Article & Photography(unless stated otherwise) by Isabelle Quek
Special thanks to Clara Lau for assisting & Melody Teo, the brand and partnership of Dosirak

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