Everything You Need to Know about Stand Up Paddling in Singapore

Stand Up Paddling Singapore

In need of a break from the stress of school or work? Ready for moments in the sun, with the cool breeze on your face surrounded by the sparkling sea? Put on your beach gear, head to the seaside and try standing on the water!

sup-9Stand Up Paddling, more commonly referred to as SUP, can be simply described as a hybrid of surfing and canoeing. This sport, which is still considered relatively new, found its way to Singaporean waters and has steadily grown in popularity over the past few years. Unlike other water sports, such as windsurfing or surfing, SUP isn’t heavily reliant on external factors such as the wind or the waves, which is why this sport is a favourable option in the calm and placid waters of Singapore.

Utilising a simple concept of balancing on a board while using a paddle to manoeuvre your way across the surface of the water, this sport is suitable for people of all ages to learn. Master balancing on your board and before you know it, you’ll be enjoying the calm and pureness of nature, somewhere in the middle of the sea.sup-5.jpgA fun activity that allows you to venture and connect with nature, while concurrently providing you with plenty of physical benefits. Jon Lo, a fitness instructor and SUP enthusiast, believes that besides improving one’s sense of balance, muscular power and cardiovascular endurance; SUP is also an effective activity to help strengthen your joints. He says: “Standing on a board that flows with the motion of water constantly activates many small muscles in your body– It is a great sport for those who have had bad ankles, knees, and hip issues, as it’s probably the most fun way to strengthen and rehabilitate weak muscles.”

sup-7.jpgFellow Stand Up Paddler, Cheng Si’Jia, also encourages people to try SUP as it is a fun way to enjoy the ocean’s beauty while keeping fit and getting plenty of vitamin D from the sunlight to strengthen bone density – “This sport gets your whole body worked out, increases your heart rate and strengthens your core muscles rightly so that you won’t have any degenerative health problems.”

sup-6.jpgHaving picked up the sport 7 years ago, Charlotte Spicer believes that the physical benefits of SUP outweighs most other sports – “Using movements that target the core, legs and shoulders; SUP is one of the best full body and endurance work outs you can get.” For people who are looking to learn more about SUP she recommends that they visit a Certified SUP School with knowledgeable instructors, Spicer adds: “The best advice and gear makes a huge difference in your first experience. Go with friends and make it fun!”

How you can get involved

>If you are interested in taking up classes you can contact the Professional Stand Up Paddle Association (PSUPA) and enquire about their Stand Up Paddling school services –http://www.supschool.com.sg

>Singapore Paddle Club hold kids BEACH bums every 3rd week for SUP and nippers type programme. They usually attract 20-30 kids each session. Find out more about their programmes  https://www.singaporepaddleclub.com

> For kids who are interested to try out SUP, there are lessons being offered by ActiveSG at multiple swimming complexes across Singapore, find out more with this link –https://members.myactivesg.com/programmes/result?%20keyword=Stand+Up+Paddle

SUP Rental locations

Aloha Sea Sports Centre
1212 East Coast Park, Singapore 449886
Rates: $30 – first hour/ $25 – sub hour

Ola Beach Club
46 Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa, Singapore 099005
Rates: $35 per hour

Tanjong Beach Club
120 Tanjong Beach Walk, Sentosa, Singapore 098942
Rates: $40 per hour

Ohana Beach House
131 Pasir Ris Beach Park, Singapore 519148
Rates: $15 per hour

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