Christmas Gift Guide 2018: Top Gifts for Him under $50

This 2018’s Christmas gift guide below $50 is meant for him, but “him” can refer to lots of people, it need not be Mr.Right. This guide is applicable to all the males you know, your dad, brother, a colleague or a close boy-friend. Read on to get some ideas this Christmas!

The season of giving is back and I know you’re so excited to be carolling under the Christmas tree. Psst, guess what? The pain of buying a Christmas present for him is back too… But, not to worry! Read on for’s ultimate guide to buying Christmas gifts for him under $50!

1. Brickell – Balancing Toner for Men ($36 $32.4) 

Brickell - Balancing Toner for Men

Get 10% off on Brickell’s Balancing Toner when you quote’s PROMO CODE: LIFEGUIDE10

*Promotion applicable till 25th December 2018

Now, don’t you go thinking this is too girly and erase the stereotype that guys don’t give a damn about their skin. Skincare is essential for everyone and nobody ever said that it has to be time-consuming.

For who? This is the perfect present for him if he is a little lazy yet enjoys a little pampering from time to time.

Why get it? Brickell’s balancing toner is a fast and simple skincare routine that every “he” out there can add on to his routine. “Pst, pst” Two sprays and he’s good to go! It is also antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, essentially the toner for those with normal to oily skin. The toner doubles up as a skin refresher that removes oil, minimises pores and perks dull skin.

get it_3-01

2. The Legends London – Maximum Hold Hair Gel ($26 $23.4) 


Get 10% off on The Legends London – Maximum Hold Hair Gel when you quote’s PROMO CODE: LIFEGUIDE10

*Promotion applicable till 25th December 2018

Life is too short to have boring hair. It is also too short to live with bad hair because it’s probably going to be in 90 percent of your selfies. A good hairdo can make a world of difference so this Christmas, help him refresh his look with The Legends London’s Maximum Hold Hair Gel! If a pair of good shoes can take a girl far, then a good hair gel can take a boy far too.

For who? If he is one who checks his reflections when passing a glass window or one whom touches his hair all the time, this is the present you have to get him this Christmas.

Why get it? The Legend’s hair gel guarantees a whole day hold while nourishing your hair. It also provides frizz control so you can look like a slicked back Zac Efron for that day. Some hair gels leave unpleasant dandruff-looking residue on your hair as you comb through, but The Legend leaves no residue and it washes out simply with water.

get it_3-01

3. Hook Coffee – Christmas Advent Calendar ($49 $41.65)

Image Credits: @hookcoffee

Get 15% off on Hook Coffee’s Christmas Advent Calendar when you quote’s PROMO CODE: VS15

*the promotional code is only valid single boxes of advent calendar and cannot be used with bundle purchases, applicable till 25 December 2018

Hook Coffee brews a new level of excitement to drinking old, boring coffee. Sourcing from the best coffee farms around the world, Hook Coffee brings to Singapore freshly roasted coffee beans with unique tasting notes and quirky names to boot. Would you like a cup of Bohemian Raspberry from El Salvador or Cocoa Channel from India? Hook Coffee’s Christmas Advent Calendar includes 24 coffees with different hinting notes, perfect for satisfying every coffee lover!

For who? This is for the night owls out there who drag their feet to work the next day because they believe that sleep is for da weak. Trust me, he’ll be eternally grateful when you surprise him with a cup of coffee every day!

Why get it? Coffee beans used in Hook Coffee are sourced from the best farms around the world and are freshly roasted in Singapore. The packaging is beautiful on its own, making it perfect as a Christmas gift. Their farmers also get the bigger share of the final retail value, a great way to make a difference in lives through coffee brewing. Hook Coffee has a variety of coffee to choose from, so be sure to browse through their selections and I’m sure you’ll find the Christmas gift for him.

get it_3-01

4.  Zaful – Vintage Bomber Jacket ($27)

Zaful bomber jacket
Image Credits: Zaful

The vintage fashion made a comeback into the 2018 and it’s now a cool kids thing. This bomber jacket is easy to match with any outfit and a must have in everyone’s wardrobe.

For who? This product is for the younger ones out there and you know him as the type of guy who goes everywhere with plain tees and pair of jeans. He’s probably a little lazy to dress up and you know that this bomber jacket is going to make him look so much better!

Why get it? A bomber jacket works just like magic, turning him into a bad boy with a snap of a finger. Put it on with a simple black tee and jeans, and he’s good to go. Help him look extra fly this Christmas with this jacket that is hard to not love!

get it_3-01

5. Jason Markk Shoe Cleaning Quick Wipes ($30)

Image Credits: @jasonmarkk

You took a bite and the sauce dripped down… onto your shoes. The horror. I’m sure we’ve all been there, done that, and sometimes you just can’t seem to get the stubborn stain out. Strut down the streets this Christmas with sparkly clean kicks with Jason Markk’s Shoe Cleaning Quick Wipes!

For who? He has a little addiction to buying new kicks and when he gets them it has to be white. Or he probably owns a pair of extremely expensive shoes that you know is bound to get dirty some day.

Why get it? With a packet of 30 wipes inside, this dual textured wipes will return shoes to its original fresh look. It is super durable and has superior cleaning abilities that are sure to come in handy in this sneaker century!

get it_3-01

6. Twin Tube Cedar Shoe Tree ($69.8 $27.9)

Image Credits: @straussheritage

Get 60% off on Strauss Heritage’s Ceda Cedar Shoe Tree when you quote’s PROMO CODE: LIFE60

*Promotion applicable till 25th December 2018

Leather goods are expensive and so the aftercare is especially important. Allowing it to retain its shine and looks require some time, effort and a good leather product. This product may be a dollar over budget but Strauss Heritage’s Twin Tube Cedar shoe will allow your shoe to last for years and always look the way when you first bought it.

For who? He most probably works in an office and invested in a really expensive pair of leather shoes. He takes pride in his shoes and wears it every work day.

Why get it? With right and proper shoe care, a pair of shoes can walk with him for years. Strauss Heritage’s Shoe Tree is carefully designed to protect the shoes from moisture damage. It is ensured that the best materials are used to make the shoe trees, it keeps shoes fresh and in prime shape. It’s something men do need, but little own one themselves. Get one for him this Christmas! Strauss Heritage even ships worldwide and ensures a 30 day return policy!

get it_3-01

7. Marvel Avengers Portable Charger ($19.90)

Image Credits: qoo10

This little cool gift cannot go wrong. If you’re searching for a present that is safe to buy for anybody and everybody, try this Marvel Avengers Portable Charger! Its metallic shine adds an extra cool point that everyone will rave over. Portable Chargers are so common, so be a unique reindeer this Christmas with this Captain America Portable Charger!

For Who? He is a sucker for Marvel movies or maybe his childhood dream was to be a superhero. Actually, this gift is for anybody that knows Captain America. I mean look at him… that guy’s a real charmer.

get it_3-01

If you are looking for more Christmas Gift Shopping Guide, don’t forget to check out our other listings! 


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