Christmas Gift Guide 2018: Top 10 Gifts for Her under $50

You may have trouble with Secret Santa, thinking of buying socks and mugs, getting body lotion for the umpteen time. Fret not, here is’s Christmas Gift Guide 2018, top 20 gifts you can get for your girlfriend (literal and figuratively) this Christmas all under $50!

The season of giving is back and around the corner… Christmas! In the spirit of reindeers and Santa Claus, it’s a time where we show our love for those around us and shower them with presents! But, here comes the hard part… what do you get?

1. Mermaid Makeup Brushes Set from Tarte ($45)

tarte mermaid brush set.png
Image Credits: Sephora

Inclusive of Large Powder Brush, Cheek Brush, Highlighter Stripper Brush, Eyeshadow Brush, Pencil Brush 

Every girl may have dreamed of living the mermaid life once. Let her live the dream this Christmas with Tarte’s stunning makeup brushes – Minutes to Mermaid! Who could resist the ombre colors striking down the mermaid tail?

For who? If that girl is a makeup junkie, look no further because this whimsical gift was made for her! Furthermore, this brush is vegan and cruelty-free! Felling the love this Christmas yet?

get it_3-01

If you’re looking for sets with lower price makeup prices, check these out! 

Sephora: Once Upon a Night Limited Edition Brush Set ($29)
Real Techniques: Core Collection ($39)
Real Techniques: Starter Set ($39)






2. Hook Coffee ($22)

hook coffee-01 copy.png
Image Credits: @hook_coffee

Get 15% off on Hook Coffee’s Christmas Advent Calender when you quote’s PROMO CODE: VS15

*the promotional code is only valid single boxes of advent calendar and cannot be used with bundle purchases, applicable till 25 December 2018

Hook Coffee is the recent craze in Singapore and I guess we can all see why! If that girl is a coffee lover, Hook’s coffee will definitely get her hooked onto your Christmas gift! Hook’s coffee brings you your coffee with a kick of unique flavours such as Passionfruit, Cherries, Caramelised Bananas. There are a variety of flavour they offer and the packaging are also adorably-Instagram worthy!

Image Credits: @hook_coffee

They’ll send freshly roasted coffee to your doorstep within a week. All coffee beans are ethically farmed and the farmers receive a larger share of the final retail value! Hook’s Coffee even have their very own Christmas Advert Calender that includes: 24 beautifully and individually wrapped drip coffee bags and sticker set!

get it_3-01

3. Tangle Teezer Detangler ($16.5)

Image Credits: lookfantastic

Girls with long hair will know the pain when the comb gets stuck in your tangles. The pain when the knot of hair comes out together with your comb, well it’s probably because it’s the wrong comb. Combing too hard can cause stress on your hair fiber, causing it to flake and strip away! I’m sure everyone wants to look extra fly this Christmas, so look no further and grab this useful comb for her this season.

For who? She has long wavy hair and you’ll often catch her fingers running through her hair, trying hard to comb through her tangles. This Christmas, let her celebrate the season with detangled silky and volumized hair!

get it_3-01

Check out other Detangler Designs that she’ll love!








4. T2 Tea Garden Delights Pale Pink Glitter Travel Cup

Image Credits: T2 Tea

Rule #1: When in doubt, add glitter. This glitter, not to mention, pink Travel Cup is sure to be one of her favourite presents this Christmas! Everybody needs a good tumbler to store their favourite cuppa tea, or simply flaunt it down the street.

For who? She is probably a basic white girl who enjoys a good cuppa no matter the time of the day. She loves everything glitter and bright and simply screams flowers, rainbows, and unicorns!

This Christmas, let her enjoy the pink joyful season with this tumbler cup!

T2 Tea Travel Cup of other colours for her, but the glitter stays for sure! 

Garden Delights Hot Pink Glitter Travel Cup
Garden Delights Turquoise Glitter Travel Cup
Garden Delights Sky Blue Glitter Travel Cup







get it_3-01

5. Personalised Straw Set ($18)

Image Credits: The Blossom Gift

This Christmas, say no to plastic and help save the world. Doing our part for the environment just got so much fancier with this personalised straw set, embossed with her name with big, bright and shiny letters! Paired with 3 rose gold stainless steel straws, the earth and she is definitely going to thank you for this lovely present!

For who? She is a bubble tea maniac and loves something sweet to drink. She tries her best to be eco-friendly, but you know you could easily win a bet that she can’t last a week.

This Christmas, get her her very own beautiful set of straw sleeve that’ll make her determined to be eco-friendly… at least for this season.

get it_3-01

6. Made Different Co’s Personalised Minimalistic Bangle ($40 $36)

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset
Image Credits:

Get 10% off on Made Different Co’s Bangel and other regular priced items when you quote’s PROMO CODE: lifeguide

*the promotional code excludes sale and collaborations items, applicable till 31 December 2018

This little-personalized gift speaks a thousand words. It tells the story of a friendship, love and even acts as a token of appreciation. The wordings carved onto the bangles are entirely customizable! It is the perfect gift this season, and to make it extra special: carve her favorite quote that she lives by onto the bangle. She’s sure to wear it everywhere she goes.

For who? She’s the kind of girl that loves the simple things in life. She walks down the minimalistic road, and you know this simple bracelet that solely belongs to her will be a total fit into her fashion style.

get it_3-01

7. Adorable Detachable Plushies


Image Credits: taobao

This detachable plushie is the present that screams absolute cuteness and comfort. Any girl who sees this is bound to fall in love in a snap of a finger. We can’t escape plushies when we’re shopping for gifts, so why not spice it up with a totally different type of plushies this Christmas?

For who? She has a family of plushies that she absolutely adores, and can’t go to sleep without them. She’s a couch potato and squeals heard from far when she spots cute things!

But then again, even a gym junkie would squeal at this weirdly-cute soft toy(s).

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Christmas 2018_1
Sumikko Gurashi Plushies
Christmas gift 2018_2
Tomato Plushies
Color Pencils Plushies

get it_3-01

If you are looking for more Christmas Gift Shopping Guide, don’t forget to check out our other listings! 

Christmas gift guide
Christmas Gift Guide 2018: Top 10 Gifts For Him Under $50



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