All You Need To Know Before Getting Ear Piercings

It’s really normal to get a piercing these days and it’s no shock if 4 out of 5 people you meet these days has at least one piercing on them. But the question is: What should you know before you get it? How do you care for your piercing? Don’t worry, this ultimate guide has you covered.

You might think it’s pretty cool to have a diamond stud pierced through you but what do you have to think about before getting it on you? There are many different types of piercings and you can get it on almost any place you desire on your body. To some people, it is seen as a minor form of body modification. It undoubtedly adds an extra something-something to your look but sometimes it can go a little out of the conventional way.

Can your ears hang low? This particular body part is the simplest of the simplest place to get your piercing. If it’s your first, you’re probably thinking of getting your earlobes pierced. Then there many different piercings that will probably follow, such as a helix, a conch, an industrial etc. (I’ll let you know more as you read on) There are at least 15 different types of piercing and most of these piercings fall on the bone(s) of your ear. They are most likely going to hurt more as compared to the lobe piercings.

If you’re planning to have piercings on your bones, be aware that they’ll take longer to heal and the healing process will definitely be more taxing and time-consuming as compared to the normal ones on your lobes. 

Image Credits: @love_hatelondon

Poke or Bang? There are two conventional ways to pierce your ears: Needle and a Piercing Gun. there are lots of debates between which way is better, but it is ultimately your choice. I’ll let you in on the pros and cons, and you can decide for yourself which you would go for.

Piercing Guns are more commonly found for ear piercings and there are often cheaper than needle piercings. The way piercing guns work are by impact, where you’ll feel a “shot” in your ear, for the needle to pass through. Piercing guns are over faster, but they often hurt more than needle piercing. Be reminded that this is a cheaper and easier way for your piercings, and as you know, you pay for what you get. These piercing guns are also not as sterile as a needle, even though your technician might tell you that it’s already sterilized.

I’ll recommend gun piercings only for the earlobes. It is an unprofessional one if it is used on your ear cartilage, the impact may easily shatter it.. causing damage. If you’re planning to get a complex piercing, though it is slightly pricier, do turn to needle piercing.

Needle Piercing is a more professional way and is most commonly found in tattoo shops. My experience tells me that a needle piercing will hurt less than a gun, but then again it really depends on your own body too. It is a rather quick process, and the technician who helps you is most likely professionally trained. He’ll know more about the healing process, infection prevention and how to avoid piercing onto your veins. An unprofessional technician who does not know how to avoid the veins will cause swelling after the piercing.

Beauty comes with a price tag. Earlobes Piercings are much cheaper than cartilage piercings. Then again, the pricing differs according to the type of shop you patronize. If it was a jewelry shop then the price will be at the higher end due to the material of the stud. If it’s a random shop at a mall then you pay for what you get, it’s not going to be expensive. Earlobe piercings can be as low as $4 per hole. and as high as $80.

Cartilage piercings are more expensive as they require a more professional touch, and the location of the piercings can be slightly trickier. You’re paying not only for the stud but also the technician’s professionality. I paid $50 for my conch piercing and I would say that it is a pretty decent pricing.

Image Credits: @ninasegaljewelry

Beauty is Pain. The pain level will depend on the different body parts and vary from people to people. Your friend who has the same piercing might feel that it hurts more, and to you, it may be like an ant’s bite. These piercings will require a more professional technician to make sure that your body accepts the piercing.

I’ll let you in on a well-known secret: The trick to ear piercings is getting it over and done with. Just take in a deep breath and as soon as you know it, the piercing is in! You’ll feel an impact on your ear, but it’s not painful. It just burns a little and you can feel your blood rushing up to your ears and back, repeatedly. But after the wave, you wouldn’t even feel that it is there!

Image Credits: @multibrilhossemijoias

It takes time and some sacrifice. Earlobe piercings heal much easier than cartilage piercings. Cartilage piercing needs to heal internally and are more prone to infections. So during this period, be sure to not play with your fresh piercing to avoid dirt from getting in I know, you may really like your piercing and can’t wait to change the stud. But hey, I’ve been there, done that. Do not, the heck, I repeat, do not touch your piercings with your hands. You may think that you’ve wasted your hands and they’re now clean but the truth is, they aren’t and you’re going to get an infection.

Getting an earlobe piercing isn’t going to affect your daily life, but a cartilage piercing is probably going to make you lose sleep. Say goodbye to snuggles on your comfy side because that will give you a hell of a time. Girls, you might have this trouble of when your hair gets stuck onto your piercing and tugs it when you’re drying your hair. Hell, that hurts a lot. Moving your new piercing will cause swelling and also making it infected. So when you get one, take at least a 3-month sacrificial period and be careful.

Rejections. Sadly, there is also a possibility that your piercing will reject your body. You’re introducing a new foreign object into your body, and your body may not be accustomed to it. In this case, your piercings will show sign of infections, red or inflammation around the piercing and the holes will be enlarged. Your body is trying to reject the unknown object by pushing your piercing out. The worst-case scenario that, fingers crossed, will not happen is that the migration will cause dizziness, nauseous and a fever. If that happens, consult a doctor or your technician immediately.

Caring for your newborn. Your newborn is fragile and weak, and it can succumb to an infection real easily. A piercing is not cheap and getting it infected might mean that you’ll have to pierce it all over again, and pay it again. So ladies and gentleman, please do take care of it by following the WARS step.

wash your hands before touching or cleaning your piercing. Your piercing is like an open wound, so avoid as much dirt going near your piercing as possible, so as to lower the chances of getting an infection.

a lcohol (alcohol swabs), hydrogen peroxide or any antibiotics are a big no-no. It dries up your skin easily and slows down healing. Do not use swabs or wipes with these ingredients for your piercing!

r.png efrain from moving your piercing, turning or pressing it. These will cause damage, scars and cause dirt to go into your piercing too. 

s.png ea Salt water rinse is one way to disinfect and clean your piercing. Do it preferably twice a day to refrain from infections from happening. Washing your piercing will help soften the discharge and allow you to clean it thoroughly.

Image Credits: @bentauber

When the piercing heals, you’re going to love it so much that you wouldn’t mind going through the pain again and get another one. Maybe, as time goes by you’ll have an ear full of piercing and it’s going to look awesome. You might receive some prejudice, saying that you look ah-lian or ah-beng (slang for gangster looking). But you know what, screw that and rock your style!



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