When you finally turn 18, you can finally legally buy alcohol. But you’ll soon realize you’re as clueless as a baby when it comes to what to buy. There are so many different types of alcoholic beverages in the market it can get quite overwhelming. But don’t you worry we’ve curated a guide to help you start your social drinking journey!



Arguably the best drink for beginners would have to be apple cider. It has a very palatable flavor profile. You can think of it as an adult version of apple juice. The alcohol percentage varies from brand to brand but it is usually relatively low. This bubbly apple drink is both sweet and a little tart with the tiniest burn at the end from the alcohol. The taste is relatively consistent with a little differentiation from brand to brand. My personal favorite would be Somerby’s apple cider. It has just the right balance of sweetness, tartness, and bitterness. With all good beverages, its best served cold or over some ice. A tip would be to put your cider into the freezer till it forms ice crystals, it then turns into an amazing slush consistency.

Alcohol level: About 1.2% to 8.5%



Personally I’m not a huge beer fan. Most beers have a very strong bitter aftertaste, one that many individuals find hard to accept. But there are loads of people who are huge fans of this beverage. However, there is one beer in the market that I wouldn’t mind drinking and that is Radler Beer. This is a very common type of beer among teens because of its sweeter notes and its large range of flavors available. In Singapore, the most common brand of Radler Beer would have to be by Tiger Beer. The pomelo flavored Radler beer by Tiger beer is a great start for beginners. With a low Alcohol percentage with a light, fruity flavor, it’s super easy to fall in love with this drink. Its the perfect drink for a hot summer day by the pool or by the beach because of its refreshing fruity after taste.

Alcohol level: About 2.5%


As you get older, you might occasionally find yourself getting caught in overly fancy situations where your bosses might ask you to have a social drink with them. You might feel like its rude to object but you soon realize you know nothing about drinks or wine. Well, in that case, order yourself a glass of Moscato and you’re good to go. With its relatively lower alcohol level and sweeter notes, this bubbly white wine pairs well with most asian dishes and it is also an easy drink on the palates of beginner drinkers. This drink is perfect because you wouldn’t want to be completely drunk in front of your bosses.

Alcohol level: About 4-10%


Now for the last drink, welcome to the world of cocktails. The different possibilities of drinks that can be made are endless. Everyday bartenders are experimenting, trying to come up with a new drink to wow the market. There are so many different types of cocktails, from mojitos to tequilas, gin, and tonic… There’s way too many out there. But let’s start from the basics. Vodka the most common hard liquor out there. That’s the base of what a cocktail is made out of. From there you’ll have to choose what you want to pair with the vodka. The most common would have to be the infamous coke, which is made of three parts coke and one part vodka. It’s a popular choice among many individuals, but I personally feel like it has a strong bitter aftertaste which isn’t exactly my favorite. A personal favorite for me would have to be vodka cranberry. It has a fruity and sweet flavor with a hint of bitterness from the vodka. To top it all off, it comes in a pretty Instagram-able pink color that makes the drink that much better! Warning! Do be careful when drinking cocktails. Due to his high alcohol content and sweet flavors, the chances of you getting drunk is a little higher so either know your limits or make sure you are with a reliable group of friends!

Alcohol level: About 38%

The alcohol world sounds complicated but its actually a lot simpler than it sounds. Find the drink that works for you and you’re on your way to acing social drinking sessions! But don’t forget to know your limits and don’t drink and drive! Safety First! If you’ve got a funny or cool first drink story do share it with us on Facebook or Instagram !

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