The group projects and mugging season is coming around really soon. We totally understand the struggle of having to find a central location with the perfect environment to finish up a group project or to mug with your friends. So, we decided to curate a list of the best places to meet up with your friends for a mugging session! Don’t give up you guys got it! Just press on and before you know it this stressful season is going to be over in a breeze!

Suntec City Convention CentreYESYESYESFREE
Library at orchard YESYESYESFREE
Cook & Tras Social LibraryYESYESYESFREE
Superfudo @ OrchardYESYESYES$$
Kith Cafe @ Millennia WalkYESYESYES$$

Suntec City Convention Centre

Suntec City is huge, it literally spans across two MRT stations. But little do you know there’s actually a secret spot that has everything you need to be productive. Tables, chairs, plugs, air conditioning and of course strong wifi! The convention center is really the perfect place for you to get in the zone, its my personal favourite. Beware, it can get pretty crowded at times because after all it is a convention centre so there might be events being held. On Saturdays, avoid going in the evening because there are church services going on and it’s usually crazy packed. The best timings to find a seat there would probably in the morning or afternoon.

SMU library

Well, you really could never go wrong with studying at school or campus libraries. They are literally made for that one purpose. SMU is located in the heart of the city which makes it so convenient and a perfect location for meeting up with your friends or group mates. 

Library @ Orchard

Orchard library, everyone knows about this wonderful library that’s not only good for the gram but it’s a great place to get some work done. They’ve got plugs, wifi, aircon and a quiet environment, everything you need for a productive afternoon.


Well, if you’re the kind of person who loves a good environment and nice aesthetics, LYF is perfect for you! LYF is a co-living and co-working space created by millennials for millennials. It’s a space for anyone to use, be it for meeting new people, getting some work done, or chilling with your friends. It’s an amazing environment, but it can sometimes get a little noisier than a library. But if you’re the kind of person who can’t work in complete silence, then this place is made for you. The noise level is just right in my opinion, plug in your earpiece to drown out the surrounding sounds or appreciate the white noise of your surroundings, it’s your choice.

Cook & Tras Social Library

Don’t get too confused, cook and tras may look like a cafe from the outside but it’s actually a library and the best part of it is that it’s completely free! It’s aesthetic and darker location is great for those who have long essays to type out, things to code or design work to complete. It’s the perfect environment for any type of computer work. I don’t know about you but I personally love to work in a darker room because it helps my eyes focus better on the computer especially when I’m doing design work, colours seem to pop better in the dark.

Poke Lulu

This place is amazing if you’re thinking about staying long hours to complete your projects. I remember the first time I went there to complete a group report, we forgot to order food and the people working at the cafe was so nice and didn’t chase us out at all. But of course, be a gracious citizen and order something. They are a business after all and it’ll be kind of rude to not order anything from the cafe. The prices of their poke bowls are quite reasonable as well priced at around $10 per bowl. To add on to the friendliness of all the staff, the wifi at this location is amazing! But a down point to this place would be the plug situation. They only have one long table that has plug sockets, so if you’re in need of plugs, this may not be the go to place.

Superfudo @ Orchard

Superfudo maybe a little on the more expensive side but the environment is what you’re really paying for. Every table comes with plugs and even wires to charge your phones! The service there is on point, they’re both efficient and friendly at the same time, making the experience an amazing one!

Kith Cafe @ Millennia Walk

Kith Cafe is quite a well known chain with pretty good cakes, it’s a great place to hang with friends and an even better place to study! With plugs at every table, strong wifi connection and a good music playlist which doesn’t involve EDM music. I personally love studying in an environment with good music because it really helps keep you awake and it keeps you motivated!


Writer: @tiffany.quek

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