Apple iPhone 11 Pro is a Trypophobia Nightmare

A picture of the new iPhones and other iPhones. In courtesy of:

Apple had just announced the new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max yesterday at the Apple Event 2019 and it sparked a lot of controversy on it’s design. Here’s why: 

But before that, we are going to talk about the features of the new iPhone which include: the new Night mode camera, Ultra Wide camera lens, Slofie and the triple-lens rear camera for iPhone 11 Pro Max. The Night mode allow you to take photos in the dark, and it will look as though there are enough light sources. Here is a comparison done by Apple themselves:

A picture of the Night mode comparison. In courtesy of

We are not sure how they did this, but this would definitely be very useful when you are heading to night safari or zoo, and you want to capture those animals in the dark. The new Ultra wide lens camera allow you to capture your photos at an amazing 120-degree field of view while the old iPhone XS wide lens rear camera only allow you to capture at an angle not more than 85 degrees. That means you can capture even more beautiful scenery, such as the Marina Bay night view or even have more friends in a group photo. 

Sick of taking selfies? Apple had also launched this new feature for iPhone 11 called ‘Slofies’. Basically, you can now use the slow-mo function for your front camera as well! Before this, they had already launched the slow-mo function for the other iPhones for the rear camera but now, it is available on the front camera as well. 

The new iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro max comes with not just 2, but 3 rear camera lenses! Here’s a photo of it:

A picture of the 3 lenses camera iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. In courtesy of:

The 3 camera lenses purposes includes the original wide lenses, the Ultra wide lenses and telephoto lenses. The design sparked a lot of controversy especially among the Trypophobia. A lot of Twitter users, such as Juice Wayne and also User Steven Greenstreet,  had stepped forward to talk about this issue.

A screengrab of tweets on Twitter. In courtesy of users Juice Wayne and Steven Greenstreet. 

Both tweets had garnered at least 1k retweets and 4k likes in the past 13 hour. (Trypophobia is a type of phobia where people fear sight of irregular patterns or cluster of small holes or bumps. )

I definitely feel that the design may not be the best fit and there are many areas to improve on but, I guess it may grow on me soon just like the AirPods. However, aside from the new designs, I feel that the new features are definitely something that is worth looking forward to, especially the night mode and slofies! 

The new iPhone 11 comes in white, black, green, yellow, purple and red while the iPhone Pro and Pro max comes in space grey, silver, gold and midnight green that resembles army green. 

Picture of the new iPhone 11 colors. In courtesy of:

The iPhone 11 price starts from S$1149 while iPhone 11 Pro starts from S$1649 and Pro Max starts from S$1799. The displays for the new iPhones:

iPhone 11 – 6.1”

iPhone 11 Pro  – 5.8”

iPhone 11 Pro Max – 6.5”

The iPhones are available for pre-order on 13 September, 8pm SGT on Apple website in Singapore! Aside from the new iPhones that were announced, Apple had also announced the Apple Watch Series 5 and a new 10.2” iPad. Learn more on Apple website

What do you think? Do you agree with Wayne and Steven that the new iPhone triggers trypophobia or do you like the design? Do you think the new iPhone was worth the wait? Share with us your thoughts in the comment section!


Writer: @javierkuayruiheng

One thought on “Apple iPhone 11 Pro is a Trypophobia Nightmare

  1. Very interesting article with much detailed analysis!

    Intriguing and sleek design, its uniqueness will complement our class modern look!

    Thanks for this insightful article 🙂


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