The Tarot Scene in Singapore

Tarot Card Reading Singapore

Tarot Cards have become increasingly popular among Singaporean youth in recent years. You might have friends who’ve received online readings or even had readings done in person. But one thing’s for sure Tarot is definitely not just a passing trend.

Tarot has been around even before the 15th century. Many researchers believe it started off as a card game in Renaissance Europe, although other theories abound. Tarot can be used as an oracle, or a tool for personal growth, a meditation aid and even an adjunct to magical practice.

History Of Tarot

Oracle Reading Singapore

For hundreds of years, many have turned to the cards for guidance and advice. Multiple theories regarding Tarot’s beginnings exist; and while you can read all about them, we may never know if any of the theories hold water. Its history is rich, intricate and mysterious; which adds to its appeal.

Modern Day Tarot

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Early Tarot decks look significantly different compared to the ones commonly used today. Despite having stunning designs, they lack the story-telling imagery we’re used to seeing in newer decks. This means early decks were a lot harder to read!

Presently, tens of thousands of different decks exist. Whether you’re in to cats, gardening, baseball or zombies, you’ll be definitely be able to find a deck that speaks to you.

Most Tarot decks are rectangular, but one noteworthy deck the Motherpeace Tarot, features round cards. It entered the marketplace in the 1970s along with the rise of feminism, celebrating women’s culture.

Common Misconceptions of Tarot

Tarot Card Readings Singapore Places

1. A Tarot reader can predict your future.

The purpose of tarot is not to tell the future, but to bring new light to a current issue or situation. So before “testing” your reader to see if they know what you intend to have for your next meal, you might want to keep this in mind.

2. Tarot cards are evil.

Apart from how Tarot is usually portrayed in the media, its imagery may also lead people to fear it. However, it’s important to note that just because the death card is drawn, does not mean you’re going to die (this is where symbolism comes into play).

3. Tarot is a religion.

Tarot is a divination tool, separate from religion. It could be described as a symbolic coding system with the ability to translate both universal and natural laws and principles through a reading; providing insight on both current and (potential) future situations. 

4. You should never buy your own deck.

In the past, many believed that your first deck should be given to you. This idea is likely based receiving a deck from a seasoned reader who sees reader potential in you. Though modern consensus is that you should select a deck that you’re most drawn to.

5. The spread you receive determines your fate.

As mentioned in the first point, Tarot reading is not fortune telling. Ultimately, you have the power to manifest and act upon the changes you so wish to see.

Where You Can Find Tarot Readers In Singapore

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There are countless pages, mobile applications and social networking sites where readers offer both free and/or paid readings. Listed below are just a few places you may consider:

1. Tara Light Within

Mamatha Ramachandra has been reading Tarot cards at Tara Light Within for more than 12 years. She first learned Tarot from a gypsy woman in London, and now has an international clientele. Mamatha combines ancient wisdom with the elusive art of tarot card reading to guide her clients through their challenges in life. 

Prices begin at $25

2. Tarot On The Moon

Elaine Mok is The Moon‘s resident Tarot reader who will bring you on a personalised reflection journey through each reading. Readings will be held on the mezzanine of The Moon’s top floor. All readings entail a free pot of tea from the cafe!

Readings start from $25 if you make a booking through their website; walk-ins will set you back an additional fee.

3. Moonchild Rising

Moonchild Rising is one of the budding Tarot readers on Carousell, offering both virtual and physical Tarot readings including single-card pulls to hour-long sessions. Apart from Tarot, Moonchild Rising also offers oracle reading and magick bath or tea blends. Prices begin at $5.

*Please note that the prices listed above are subject to change, so it’s best to confirm with the readers before you book your appointment.

Writer: @jiaaaweii

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