13 Live Streams to Watch in Singapore

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When you think of live streams you’re probably visualising people playing video games online. But what if I told you that’s not all that live broadcasts have to offer. Here are 13 live streams that aren’t about video games.

In view of the contagious COVID-19 virus, Singapore has suspended all events and mass gatherings. Furthermore, all entertainment venues will be closed to reduce the risk of transmission.

After the initial stun from the announcement, organisations have found an alternative way to host their gatherings and encourage their followers to stay home.  Whether it’s professional live streams on social media or beginner broadcasts, live streams have seemed to be able to replace face-to-face interaction.

While gamers continue to dominate the concept of live streaming, other content creators have also dabbled into this fairly new way of video presentation.

If video games aren’t for you, here are 13 live streams that you may find interesting!

Religious Lectures

With the suspension of religious services, several places of worship have started to conduct online masses to allow worshippers to continue practicing their religion at home. What’s great about these live broadcasts is that even after they end, they can be uploaded for people to rewatch them anytime. 

Church Mass

Islamic Recitals

Fitness Regimen

As gyms do their part in helping to minimise community contact, fit junkies are encouraged to stay home. But doing so won’t turn you into a couch potato. Not if you’re watching fitness broadcasts and doing them at home! It’s like having a virtual personal trainer to keep your body moving just like you would in a gym. Fret not if you don’t own any gym equipment, these fitness classes have been specially designed to be carried out using your body weight! With classes for high intensity interval training (HIIT) circuits, yoga and meditation, you’ll definitely find the one for you!

Fitness First's live stream schedule for workouts at home
Image taken from Fitness First Facebook Page
  • FIRE Fitness and Fitness First have organised a spread of live classes on their Facebook for you to fire up to. 
Tyen Rasif's Facebook live schedule for membership club
  • Apart from sharing workout sessions, Tyen Rasif has live chat sessions where she answers questions from her club members regarding fitness on her Facebook Live.
Lululemon's instagram live schedule
Image taken from Lululemon’s Instagram
  • Channel your inner zen with Lululemon on their Instagram live through yoga and meditation sessions.
Dr LA Thoma's live workout session to be active
  • Dr LA Thoma Gustin shares her HIIT circuits on Instagram Live and suggests how each exercise’s difficulty level can be best adjusted for you.
Gaynor Minden Instagram live schedule for ballerinas
Image taken from Gaynor Minden’s Instagram
  • If you miss standing on pointe, Gaynor Minden schedules a week of Ballet classes on Instagram. Don’t worry if you miss them, they’re all uploaded onto their IGTV!
Isabella Boylston during an online ballet live class

Art Projects

Regardless of how bad you think you are at artistic projects, you’ll definitely find something fit for you. Although some projects may seem intimidating, watching someone do it with you may help you gain confidence about your own work! Furthermore, you’ll be able to gain inspiration for themes and concepts that you can explore more of. 

Bullet journal live stream by Amanda Rach Lee for inspiration
Image taken from Amanda Rach Lee’s Instagram
  • If you find yourself decorating your notebooks with doodles, why not start keeping a bullet journal! Get inspired with Amanda Rach Lee as she prepares her weekly bullet journal layout on Instagram Live. 
Last Minute Laura's live art projects and chit chat sessions

Now you may be asking, what’s so great about live streams?

Regardless of where you are on the globe, you’re able to watch live streams as long as you have a mobile device and access to the internet.  

Luckily, it’s pretty easy to find and get notified of live streams, especially on social media platforms. 

On Instagram, users who are live will have the account profiles highlighted on the home page and lined up first among the story posts. Meanwhile for Youtube, there is a dedicated section just for live streams. For these platforms and on Facebook, you can also choose to be notified when a page or account you’re following goes live.

A great feature of live streams is the live comment box. When you comment your thoughts and questions, the host of the broadcast is able to view your comment and reply in real time! Not only will you have your question answered, but you’ll also have had a personal interaction with your preferred content creator. 

Live streams can be about anything

From “Get ready with me”s (GRWM), “Ask-Me-Anything”s (AMA) and even eating shows. While some streamers have scheduled and regular shows, others may go live depending on their mood. Live streams are also very similar to video calls. When you’re watching someone just going about their day and talking about how life has been, it’s like video calling a friend. 

These live streams are just a handful of what’s available online. With applications such as Youtube, Facebook and Instagram having live stream features, many more influencers and content creators are going live to share a part of their lives with their audience.

If you’re thinking about conducting a professional live stream, check out Vivid Snaps’ Live Streaming Services!


Writer: @furdoors

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