7 Tips to Host a Webinar with Your Laptop

Professional Online Meeting Tips

Webinars are great for team meetings and conferences. With features like screen sharing, slideshows, polls and many more, it’s no wonder webinars are getting more popular. So what does it take to host a professional looking webinar?

While we start to work from home, many are seeking alternative methods to give presentations and briefings to their team, clients, consumers and even students.

A webinar is an online seminar that is broadcasted usually by businesses and companies. Essentially, they are livestreams usually conducted with a webinar software. There are loads of webinar softwares out there so make sure you choose one with a plan that fits your needs. (This article has compiled a list of softwares and noted their features.) Here’s some inspiration on popular webinars you could do!

To host a webinar, there are a few things you’ll have to keep in mind. 

As your audience will be watching you for an hour or so, you’ll want to make sure you look good in front of the camera.. Furthermore, these online conferences involve both visuals and audio so you’ll have to make sure that you are able to capture their attention. Regardless of where you’re hosting the webinar from, here are 6 things to take note of to grab your audience’s attention!

1. Good Lighting 

Ensure that you are in a well-lit area. While it may sound like a minute detail, the lighting of your stream determines the mood and atmosphere of your conference.

Just think about it, when you’re watching a video that’s too dark you’ll most probably lose interest quickly. 

Good lighting makes you look good too! When the light is hitting your face at all the right spots, all your features are highlighted on camera. Having the lights angled too high or low will cast shadows on your face that will make you look tired.

Our tips:

If you’re in a room with windows, make sure you’re facing them. Standing with your back facing the window will only make you look like a shadow figure.

If you’re in a room where there’s not much natural lighting, it’s best to use an additional light source. Similarly when using artificial light, make sure that your body is facing towards the light source.

Using an LED light panel (and placing it on a light stand) can help give you the extra glow you need.

Recommendations on what to use:

Image from Lazada.

Yongnuo  – LED Light Yn300 III – Lazada – $79

Godox  – LED P260C P120C Ultra-thin LED – Brilliant Photo Group – $76.10

Godox – LED308II Professional LED Video (3300K-5600K) Light w/ Remote – Brilliant Photo Group – $122.05

2. Clear Audio

It’s crucial for your audience to be able to hear you clearly during your webinar. While the built-in microphone in your laptop gets the job done, it might not produce the best sound for your audience. Additionally, when you’re standing away from your laptop, the built-in microphone might not be able to pick up your voice.

Our tips:

Use an external microphone. Just connect it to your device and voila.

Be sure to keep the microphone facing upwards, towards your chin and mouth area to ensure clarity in the audio.

You can even opt to purchase a wireless microphone for ease of movement during your webinar.

Recommendations on what to use:

Image from Shopee

MPOW  – 071 Headset – Shopee – $26.16

Plantronics Blackwire 3200 Headset Microphone
Image from Lazada

Plantronics  – Blackwire 3200 Headset – Lazada – $99

Rode Wireless Go Microphone
Image from Shopee

Rode – Rode Wireless Go – Shopee – $245 

3. Camera Height and Angle

As most laptops already have a built-in webcam, you’re most likely good to go live.

For your audience to see you, your camera needs to be pointing at the right spot. The webcam should be at your eye level and facing you perpendicularly. This will allow you to easily make eye contact with your camera which will engage your viewers.

Having the camera positioned at the wrong height and angle would result in a very uncomfortable looking video.

Our tips:

Place your laptop on a bar table.

Elevate your laptop by placing it on a box or a stack of books.

4. Background

It’s best to have a simple and light coloured background. This can be achieved either by using a backdrop or having your back face the wall.

When you use a simple background, your audience’s attention will be kept on you and your broadcast will be free from visual distraction

Our tips:

Stand slightly away from the backdrop rather than directly against it.

5. Attire and Hair 

Dress in smart casual clothes for your webinar broadcast. After all, you are presenting in front of an audience. Going live in your t-shirt and shorts wouldn’t be very appealing for your viewers

For the men, wear a buttoned / collared top along with a pair of trousers. Keep your hair out of your face.

For the ladies, wear a blouse and put on some light makeup. Have your hair neatly tied or pinned back and kept out of your face.

It’s best to be wearing contact lenses rather than spectacles during your broadcast as the lenses of your glasses may reflect the light.

Do NOT wear

  • T-shirts
  • Low cut tops
  • Sleeveless tops
  • Sunglasses

When you’re dressed to impress, your viewers will take your webinar seriously.

6. Body Language

  • Stand up as you present
  • Keep your feet pointing towards the laptop and slightly shoulder width apart
  • Maintain good posture and try your best not to slouch
  • Refrain from crossing your arms in front of your chest, keep your body open
  • Look straight into the camera lens to give your audience eye contact
  • Don’t shift your eyes from place to place
  • Smile and speak with confidence

7. Rehearse the flow of webinar

While it may seem unnecessary, even a short rehearsal will be able to help you prepare. A rehearsal can help you test the audio and visual quality of your broadcast. This will be the perfect time to know what your speaking volume should be and whether the lighting you have set up is sufficient.

Furthermore, if you have guests who will be broadcasting together with you, it will be good to rehearse altogether.

During your live show, there may be several topics you will want to cover. Prepare your speech to make sure you don’t end up missing important pieces of information during your live stream.

Webinar Ready

I bet you didn’t think that hosting a professional webinar could be done under a $200 budget. Just remember that the quality of the video and the quality of the content both need to be engaging for your audience. So it’s best to prepare all your materials and equipment beforehand.

Unlike pre-recorded videos, live streams are of course live. To make a lasting first impression, you should look prepared and professional.

We hope that with these tips, you’ll be able to make your webinar an engaging and memorable one! Apart from tips on hosting your webinar, you can also read up on the common webinar mistakes to avoid. Let us know how your webinar went in the comments below!

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Writer: @furdoors

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