Free Mobile and Laptop Games to Play When You’re Bored at Home

Online Games To Kill Boredom

Being at home gives you the freedom of doing anything. Sometimes with these, you’ll also be hit with waves of boredom as you’re overwhelmed with all the things you could do! 

One of the most common ways of killing boredom is to play games! Be it board games or online games, these activities stimulate your brain and keep you occupied. As we stay at home this circuit breaker, our hands get itchy as we search for ways to entertain ourselves.

With the circuit breaker, this also means we can’t leave the house to meet our friends and we have to stay home. If you’re starting to miss the company of your friends, fret not! The internet can be a wonderful thing, especially when it provides you a plethora of games to play online with your friends! From card games, to sports games, drawing games and even detective games, you can play with (or against) your friends from the comfort of your own home.

We’ve even played some of these online games during one of our live streams!

If you’re bored at home and wanna play some games online, here’s a few games you can play with on mobile phone or desktop!

Mobile Games

Adorable Home (Single Player)

Are you a cat person? Well then this is the game for you! Virtually adopt up to 12 cats and live together with your character’s partner! Apart from digitally raising a family of cats, you can also decorate your home with different styles of furniture. Earn enough hearts and you’ll be able to unlock special rooms in the house like the garden, bedroom and even bathroom.

Adorable Home Cat Landscape Decor

With 12 cats comes responsibilities, so be prepared to care for them them! Apart from feeding your felines, there are mini games for you to groom them as well. To decorate your rooms and feed your family, you’ll have to earn hearts to make your purchases.

Adorable Home Cat Grooming Game

Thankfully, trimming their nails and giving them baths in the game won’t result in scratches on your arms. Instead, you’ll receive hearts when you’re cats are satisfied with your grooming skills.

Cat bath shower free game

What’s one of the best parts of having a pet? Being able to pet them, as the name suggests. Watch your kitten get comfortable in different positions and try your luck patting different spots. From its tail to the tip of its ears, you’ll either earn a happy tune or an angry meow.

Adorable Home Cat Pets Phone Game

Apart from home decoration and kitten care, you’re also able to prepare bento boxes for your partner! With a wide variety of food items to choose from you (and your character’s partner) will be spoilt for choice. Play around with the different combinations and earn varying amounts of hearts in return! You can also earn hearts from furniture you buy and the daily weather report.

Adorable Home Lunch Bento Food

Candy crush

Delicious! You’ve probably already heard of this game back in 2010 when it blew up on Facebook. Everyone was sending (and requesting) for hearts from their friends just so they could get divine combinations of candies 

Candy Crush Saga Game

If you’ve run out of hearts to play with, why not switch over to the Jelly or Soda trail instead? There seems to be an endless amount of levels for you to play so you’ll never get bored. 

Candy Crush Levels To Play

If you’re lucky, the game even has special occasions where they give you an hour (sometimes even three hours) of unlimited lives to play to your heart’s content. Apart from unlimited hearts, you can also get unlimited special candies to help you clear levels easier (and score higher points too)!

Two Spies (Single and Multi player)

Ever wanted to go for a mission? Two Spies let you do just that! Virtually, of course. Rather than playing spies with a stranger, you can also play with a friend in the multiplayer “Play Local Wireless” mode.

Two Spies Strategy Mobile Game

In each turn, you are able to carry out two actions out of the six available (Control, Strike, Wait, Locate, Go Deep and Prep). The end goal is to figure out where your target is and strike them at the correct location. In each game, there will be several European countries on the map and you and your opponent will begin in two different countries. As you move to and control the different countries, you will be able to gain intel points which allow you to Locate your enemy, Go Deep (undercover) or Prep (gain an extra action in the next turn).

Spies Strategy Free Mobile Game


Will you make it through the night? Test your lying skills with the werewolf game! If you have Telegram, then you’re all set.

Simply add the werewolf moderator bot (@werewolfbot) into your chat group with your friends and voila! Start the game by texting “/startgame@werewolfmoderator” and keep a lookout for texts from the bot. You’ll receive private messages from the bot about your role in the game and what course of action you should take during nightfall. 

Werewolf Game Chat Friends Telegram

You can also choose to play in the bot’s group with thousands of other players (of course, not everyone will be playing at the same time). This werewolf game also involves tons of (unique) different roles for players to be assigned such as the clumsy guy, the lovers and the wild child. Before playing the game, it’s best to refer to their website for the role descriptions and rules of the game.


Keen on playing games with your friends? Here’s an application you might want to download. Plato offers a wide variety of games for you to choose from with card games and even sport related games! Apart from that, you can also chat with your friends directly on the app.

Plato Game App Play Friends

If you’re looking to play a game of Uno with your friends, Plato’s Ocho would be a good substitute. You can also play the Werewolf game on Plato!

Plato Games Uno Sports


AirConsole has to be one of the coolest applications for games. This application involves both your mobile phone and your desktop/laptop. You’ll have to download the application on your phone and have a browser tab open with the AirConsole website.

Multiplayer games with friends
Image from Airconsole.

Using the application, enter the code seen on the AirConsole website and your phone will turn into a game controller with your desktop/laptop as the screen for your game.

Airconsole Game Phone Controller

With the free version of AirConsole, up to 2 players can play together and have a selection of up to 5 games.

With the paid version of AirConsole, there’s no limit on the number of players and you can access all 100+ games available.

Computer / Laptop Games

Show off your drawing capabilities in a game of Skribbl with your friends. This drawing game is a lot like Taboo or Charades but with visual representation via a screen.

You’ll be given three word or phrase choices to have the game room guess within a stipulated amount of time. Points are awarded based on how quick you get the right guess.

Drawing Sketching Guessing Game

When you’re playing in a room with your friends, you can also add up to 4 custom words to be drawn.

It’s a dog-eat-dog world right? Well in this game, it’s a cell-eat-cell world. That is quite literally the whole goal of the game. You start out as a small cell on a petri dish forced to consume smaller cells to grow bigger. At some point, you’ll have to start consuming larger cells in order to grow. Beware of other big players though, as once you’re eaten, you’re out of the game.

Agar Cells Free Web Game

There are also different modes in this game FFA (fight for yourself), Teams and Experimental.

Cards Against Humanity

The twisted party game that reveals your (dark) sense of humour. You’ve probably heard of this game or seen people play it either in real life or on Youtube. While this game is usually played with a physical deck of cards, you can also play it online and with your friends too!

Limpeh Says Game Online
Image of sample game cards from Limpeh Says.

If the decks available aren’t your thing, you can also play the Singaporean version of the game, Limpeh Says. This deck of cards was made specifically for us Singaporeans.

Here’s where you can get the code to add the card deck to your game. Simply paste it into the chat room and get ready to choose your best response card.

Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game

Want to solve a mystery? You’ll want to gather your family members or friends for this.

This board game involves 5 different cases for you to solve and each case will require you to find clues, visit crime scenes and view suspects. Each task takes up a duration that will be specified on the respective card. You and your team will have 7 days to try and solve the case.

Detective Board Game Online Friends
Board for game image from Portal Games.

While this is a board game, it can still be played virtually. All you need to play the game can be found collated in this page on Portal Games. Just video call your selected detective team and be prepared to make tough decisions together. Share the screen to show the game board, database and cards when necessary.

As a team, you’ll have to create an account to access files in the Antares Database for more insightful information. You can designate different roles for your team members while playing the game.

Here are some roles you might want to designate to your team:

  • Time keeper
    • Keep track of duration for each task and location changes
    • Keep track of days left
    • This player should also have the game board
  • Card keeper
    • Take note of which cards have been picked / flipped
  • Database checker
    • Use their own device to log in to Antares Database and inform others about clues shown

Whether you’re bored at home or looking for things to do with your family or friends, hopefully this list has given you a few ideas for game night.

Have you played these games? Let us know in the comments!

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