Ordering Food Secret Santa Style: Lunch Roulette

Mystery Lunch Meal Ordering

For the days when you don’t know what to order and eat. For the days where you feel hungry but can’t make up your mind. For the days you want to buy a meal for your friend. Save yourself the trouble and have your friend decide what you’ll be eating for lunch (and vice versa).

Usually when it’s lunch time, you’re either one of two types of people. Either you’ve been planning for this meal hours before it was actually lunch time or you have absolutely no clue about what to eat. 

As we’ve been staying home during this circuit breaker, some of us have become self-proclaimed Masterchefs and others sought for their comfort food from our trustworthy food delivery platforms. 

Ordering food delivery

You’ve probably heard about the big 3 when it comes to food delivery in Singapore: GrabFood, Foodpanda and Deliveroo. But that’s not all this nation has to offer in terms of delivery services. We also have Boss Happy Delivery (featuring island-wide delivery for brands including Liho and Nene Chicken), and our beloved fast food chains that have their own delivery platform as well.

Spoilt for choice 

With these platforms, there’s an abundance of food options for you to choose from. Of course, you can filter your options based on waiting duration, price, cuisine, etc… Sometimes choosing what you’re going to order isn’t as easy as it should be. It feels like you have 10 minutes before going into an examination hall. If you’re unlucky, you’re delivery duration might even drag if you’re taking too long to order.

Have you ever been out with a group of friends and not know where to eat? It’s kind of like that but in this situation, you don’t have anyone to make the final choice for you.

Why not make lunch time a little more interesting and gather a group of your friends to take part in a … bonding activity. Similar to what our team did during one of our livestreams!

Lifeguide’s Lunch Roulette Mukbang

Check out our mukbang where we ordered food for each other Secret Santa style!

For our first mukbang (eating show) live stream, we decided to eat lunch together, but with a twist. To test how well we know each other, we ordered food for one of our team members that was chosen at random. Very similar to what you would do during a Secret Santa exchange, except we’ve all given each other food as gifts. You can use a randomiser to make sure that all pairs were chosen fairly as well.

The live stream production for this mukbang was sponsored by Vivid Snaps.

We all pre-ordered our meals for the next day and when we got together via the live stream, we started guessing who’s picked our lunch menus for us. Of course, to ensure some level of consistency, we had a budget of $15 for each meal and (tried) to order from restaurants with a rating that has less than 4 stars (just for the fun of it).

Food Delivery Vouchers

Food Delivery Coupons Vouchers
Food delivery vouchers for sale on Shopee.

If you’re keen to save at least 10% off your order, you can also head over to Shopee to check out their food delivery vouchers. They have vouchers of different values ranging from $5 to $50 so you can choose whichever voucher is closest to the price of the food in your cart.

If you’re not sure of what to eat, organise a lunch roulette with your friends and tag us on Instagram @lifeguide.sg! We had lots of fun doing our lunch roulette and hope you do too!


Writer: @furdoors

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