Lifeguide Tech Show: Godox AD1200 Pro Review

Lifeguide Tech Show Review Godox Brilliant Photo

Whether you’re photographer who prefers indoor or outdoor shoots, the Godox AD1200 Pro might be the flash you’re looking for! If you’re keen on purchasing this flash, keep on reading to know what we think about the product!

Recently during the premiere of the Lifeguide Tech Show, we had two professional photographers review the Godox AD1200 Pro. Based on other review online, it seemed that the flash was viewed as a “powerful” and “versatile” one so we decided to try it out ourselves!

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This review was made possible with Brilliant Photo who provided us the Godox flash to test. Brilliant Photo is the sole distributor of Godox products in Singapore! Furthermore, they will soon be opening a studio for seminars, lessons, product testing and shoots. Stay tuned to their platform for more updates




The multiple camera live stream service was also provided by Vivid Snaps!




Vivid Snaps was also involved in the production of the product teaser videos together with Lopol Productions




Abdul Hafiz is a professional photographer  freelancer who has been in the industry for 3 years.


Jamie Yeo is a professional photographer who has been in the industry for 3 years. Jamie does a wide range of photography services such as portrait, events and product photography.



Godox AD1200 Pro Review

SYNC MODE:High speed sync (up to 1/8000 seconds), first-curtain sync, and second curtain sync
Power SupplyLithium Battery (36V/5200mAh)
Flash Times in Full Power500
DimensionsFlash Head : 12.5X23*20cmAD1200Pro TTL Power Pack: 23.5X14.5X26cm


The Godox AD1200 Pro is available for purchase on Brilliant Photo‘s site!


With strobe lights, you’re able to control the exposure of light regardless of location. This is especially useful for outdoor shoots where the weather is unpredictable. Whether it’s a cloudy or sunny day, strobe lights could help you achieve the desired photo. The light quality in the shoot environment affects the highlights and the shadows of the photo. With a colour accurate light, the post-editing will be easier. The colour fluctuation for this strobe was not that much and wouldn’t affect your photographs.

  • High speed sync up to 1/8000 can be used to remove ambient light from bright situations outdoors. 
  • 480-500 full power flash with the strobe which allows you to have a worry-free shoot outdoors.
  • Recharge timing is really quick
  • Seamless recycle time especially when shooting at low power was high speed
  • Very versatile , you can adjust it ⅓ or 1/10 stops
    • Can be very precise with the light adjustments
  • Consistent flash output
  • Light and portable which is convenient for outdoor shoots
  • Around $2,000 which is affordable for a product of this quality 

Battery Life

The battery is able to last a whole day (as tried and tested by our photographer hosts). The flash can shoot 480 to 500 full power flashes just from the battery pack. You can get a full charge with just 2 hours as well! Which is fairly quick for its capacity. The battery of the flash is the definitely one of the biggest plus points.

Godox Bag

The Godox AD1200 Pro comes in a roller bag which even includes additional compartments/dividers for you to convert it into a camera bag if you would like. There is a total of 4 zipper compartments on the bag, which includes 2 front facing pockets.  The bag has a premium feel and feels very high quality. There are straps that you can attach to the bag to allow you to carry the bag as well. Do note that the total weight is about 8kg and if you’re not confident in carrying it on your back, you can wheel it around instead.

The bag for the  battery pack has two ventilation windows so your battery doesn’t overheat. The cable is about 34 metres long which is sufficient for most shoots, even outdoor ones! 


The Godox AD1200 Pro is compatible with all Bowen Mounts. The flash head also has an umbrella mount. The flash head is also adjustable so that you’re able to get the light to hit the right angle.

This flash is also compatible with the other Godox ecosystem products such as the Godox X2T and Godox Pro.

Things to note

With all products, there are pros and cons. As such, there are some things you might want to take note of before purchasing the Godox AD1200 Pro.

  • Battery pack only has one power output
  • Rubber coating on the side of the battery pack (the rubber might wear out after a long time of usage)
  • Model light is not strong enough for outdoor shoot
  • Cannot be brought on to an airplane
    • You can get a lower capacity battery with the ac adapter (purchased separately) 
  • Umbrella holder is held by friction so there are no knobs to tighten it
    • You can use a sandbag to hold it down just in case, to prevent the umbrella from being blown away during a windy outdoor shoot.


If you’re keen on purchasing from Brilliant Photo, take part in our giveaway! Stand a chance to win discount vouchers for your next checkout with Brilliant Photo OR a hands-on session to test the Godox AD1200 Pro yourself!

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The giveaway ends 12 July 2020!

Do note that we will need the full name and contact detail of the winner for confirmation purposes.


In this new series, we aim to provide non-biased reviews (published on Youtube and Facebook) so that photographers interested in purchasing these products have a better idea of what to expect. We’ll also be reviewing the latest products for photography and videography in Singapore! So stay tuned for our future episodes as well.

We hope that this review provided you some insight on the Godox AD1200 Pro! Be sure to check out the replay of the tech show to see the flash in action.


Writer: @furdoors

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