5 Best Photo Editor Applications to Download on your Phone

Free Apps For Photo Editing

Photo editing is very similar to makeup in the sense that it enhances your photographs. So what’s the best applications you can download to edit photos on your phone? With the endless choices available, we’ve curated a list of the 5 best photo editing apps that you NEED to have on your phone!

These days, most phone cost the same price as digital cameras and can take amazing photos. With the right light and angle, your photographs can turn out perfect! But, theres one more thing you can do to your picture to make it even more phenomenal. Just a few adjustments to the brightness and contrast and BOOM! You’re photograph is now enhanced with better tones and colours.

Now, there are a few ways you can edit your photos. You can transfer them onto your laptop or computer and use a software OR you can stick to using the same device that took the photos in the first place (your phone). For the sake of convenience, if you’ve taken the photos on our phone and want to upload them on to platforms like Instagram, obviously it’s more convenient to edit them on your phone as well.

Most editing applications have similar “base” tools as I would call it. They’re usually the setting you can adjust in the Photos application on your phone. This includes adjusting:

  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • White balance
  • Saturation
  • Highlights
  • Shadows
  • Sharpness
  • Ratio / sizing

I have to admit, I have underestimated the sheer power of some of these photo editing applications. I used to just use the original and unedited photo or a photo edited with slight brightness and contrast adjustments. After realising how much more enhancement can be done, I started exploring the different tools and filters offered by several applications. So here’s a list of the 5 applications I use to edit photos!


I’ve been using this app as my primary photo editor. The settings and tools are able to help you achieve that vintage look for all you film lovers. The tools are all relatively easy to understand and the sliders are easy to use. You can also play around with their preset filters or even make your own! It’s great if you’re setting a colour theme for your Instagram feed.

VSCO Free Photo Editing App
  • Grain effect ( makes your photos look like it came from a film camera)
  • Presets by VSCO
  • Create custom preset filters (they call them “recipes”, cute!)
  • Adjust image perspective
  • VSCO board to post images
  • In-app purchases to gain access to over 200 presets and additional tools

App Store | Google Play Store


If you’d like to try an adobe application for free, here’s your chance. The Adobe Lightroom application is FREE for download on the app store and allows you to edit your photographs. This app is great if you really want to make certain colours in your photo POP and stand out.

Lightroom for Phone Free App
  • Free mobile application by Adobe
  • Similar to the software for laptops and computers
  • Saves photos on Adobe Cloud
  • Preset filters available

App Store | Google Play Store


I’d like to consider PicsArt the free Photoshop for your phone. But, there’s also so much more to this app. While it allows you to enhance the colours of your photos, you can also add stickers, borders, templates to your images! There’s even a tool that allows you to erase certain parts of an image!

Picsart Phone Photoshop Free Editor
  • Allows you to create collages
  • Add layers of photos
  • Allows your to remove and add aspects of a picture
  • Stickers and borders available to decorate your photo

App Store | Google Play Store


Snapseed is another great all-rounder application. They have filters that give your photos a vintage look as well!

Snapseed Free Photo Editor Phone
  • Healing tool to remove objects from your photo
  • Edit selected parts of your image with the paintbrush
  • Allows you to create a portrait effect for photos

App Store | Google Play Store

Layout (By Instagram)

Want to post more than just 1 photo? No problem, Layout’s got your back. With this, you can compile your images together! I personally use this for collages of events or a dedication for a friend’s birthday. This is also great if you’re creating mood boards as well.

  • Help you to make collages
  • Allows you to adjust the border size
  • You can choose the number of images to include
  • The sizes of each image can be adjusted

App Store | Google Play Store

With all these applications, there are endless options to how your photograph can turn out! If you’re still new to photo editing, take your time to experiment and play around with different colours and settings to find which you prefer. Don’t feel intimidated or overwhelmed by the different tools !

Most of these applications include a community board where fellow photographers and photo editors can share their work. Don’t be shy to post yours as well! One way to improve is to expose yourself to the works of others to gain inspiration.

We wish you all the best with your photo editing journey! Comment down below your favourite application for editing!

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