Where to Buy Crystals and Gemstones in Singapore

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There are several crystals and gemstones in the world that are used for healing purposes. They are believed to bring in good energy and bring us to our optimal state. With different crystals possessing different qualities and properties, which crystal should you pick? Furthermore, where can you buy genuine crystals in Singapore?

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Crystal properties

There are several crystals produced by the earth and they all have very unique properties. Some crystals may even double up as protection crystals such as the amethyst! Here’s a quick cheat sheet for some of the more common crystals.

Crystal chakras

Usually the colours of the crystals can be associated with a chakra which is associated to a body area. These crystals are meant to clear and in a sense, rejuvenate the body as a part of healing.


This chakra is located at the top of the head. Most purple gemstones would help open up this chakra.

Third eye

This chakra is located at the medullar, between the eyebrows. Most dark blue and purple gemstones would help open up this chakra.


This chakra is located at the throat, on the neck.. Most blue gemstones would help open up this chakra.


This chakra is located at the center of the chest. Most green gemstones would help open up this chakra.

Solar plexus

This chakra is located below the breast bone. Most yellow gemstones would help open up this chakra.


This chakra is located below the navel. Most orange gemstones would help open up this chakra.


This chakra is located at the base of the spine. Most red gemstones would help open up this chakra.

Crystal shapes

Raw crystals are crystals that are in their natural form. 

There are certain crystals that have been carved and re-shaped into different designs. Many of which are in the shapes of a heart, a pebble (aka worry/palm stone), and even animals!

Regardless of whether the crystals have been refined or not, they will still hold their properties and “work” as any other crystal.

Crystal activation

To activate your crystals:

  • Hold the crystal in your left hand 
  • Bring the right hand down, imagining you’re bringing the energy down from the universe.
  • Feel white light coming down and bringing it to your left hand where you’re holding the crystal.
  • Imagine the crystal being cleansed in your hand.
  • You can tell the crystal what your intentions are with it. What do you want with them.

Crystal cleansing

As your crystals absorb the negative energies, it is important to cleanse them. There are multiple ways for you to cleanse your crystals.

The most common and convenient way is to place your crystals under running water for a few seconds. Do note that there are certain crystals that can’t be cleansed with water such as selenite and pyrite. Washing your crystals this way will cause them to be damaged and lose their properties.

You can also cleanse your crystals with a sun bath of about 5 minutes. Crystals such as the sun stone will appreciate it while water based crystals might not. This is perfect if you’re residing in Singapore because of the plenty of sunny days.

You can also use crystals such as selenite and clear quartz as they have cleansing properties. You just need the crystals to be in contact with one another.

Smudging or smoke cleansing is another way for you to cleanse your crystals! This method involves the burning of plants/herbs and using the smoke for cleansing. Sage is commonly used for smudging however, there is concern that the plant is being over-harvested. Furthermore, sage is used in indigenous cultures. In the past, Native people were jailed and killed for practicing their religion. To be more culturally conscious, it is advised to use other materials for this method. Instead of using sage you can use incense sticks or even herbs such as cinnamon, cloves and many more! The smoke is believed to absorb the negative energy and cleanse the environment as well!

Where to buy crystals in Singapore

Secret Crystals

1 Coleman Street

The Adelphi #04-27

Singapore 179803

Qi New Age and Healing

42 Kandahar St

Singapore 198896

Opening hours: 

Mondays to Fridays: 1230pm to 730pm

Saturdays 1230pm to 645pm

Sundays by appointments only


DE’ Obsidian

51 Bukit Batok Crescent 

Unity Centre #06-13

Singapore 658077



Life by Design

43 Haji Lane

Singapore 189236

Opening Hours:

Mondays – Sundays:    12pm  – 7pm


Full Circle (Online Store only)



Instagram Shops

These accounts and shops source and curate for different crystals and in different shapes. This makes it easier for people who are new to crystals to buy genuine gemstones.

Instagram sales

 For several of these crystal shops on Instagram, they also have weekly live sales on their pages. During these sales, you can get a closer look at the crystals on sale and also get a special price for them!

Remember that the intent for your crystals are very important. While they are able to bring you to your best state, also be sure to take good care of them (cleanse them when necessary). As you grow more aware of your environment and the energy surrounding you, you’ll also be able to incorporate these healing crystals into your life.


Best Crystals


Crystal Tale

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